Welcome to the Welland River Keepers. We are a group of local volunteers that have a genuine interest in seeing an improvement in the Welland River. The mandate of the WRK's is:

"Educating the community to preserve and restore the ecological integrity of the Welland River"

Through hands on activities, the Welland River Keepers make it possible to get involved in restoring the health of the River. Some of the activities that the group undertakes includes

  • Nature walks, hikes and interpretive tours within the Welland River watershed
  • Working with other groups in projects that improve wildlife habitat and natural areas
  • Planting shrubs and wildflowers along the riverbank areas
  • Monthly meetings with guest lectures discussing topics related to the natural environment in Niagara
  • And much more...

Volunteer, Learn about the environment, welland history, and welland river